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Wish I had somebody special to vote out of office tomorrow, like you do in PA, or in VA, or in CT, or somebody decent vote for, like in MD. No effect on the Senate while voting in DC. Please do us a huge favor out there and kick Santorum, Allen, Lieberman, Steele and everybody else to the curb who has stood beside Bush, Cheney and Rummie, or received kisses from them. It's a huge deal and it's a long time overdue.

Republicans got us into this mess. They sure as hell can't get us out. We need to pull over and get better directions, otherwise we'll continue to be hopelessly lost.


Great post! I read the Kevin Tillman letter before and it is so very powerful. Everything is so perfectly said.

BTW, I saw Rick Santorum here in my neighborhood (Downtown) last week. He said hi to me and I snubbed him. It made my day.

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